Dump Broth

Every Monday, I make a broth for the week, I like to call it a dump recipe. Every time you make it it’ll be slightly different depending what you dump in. This recipe is low-waste, primarily using leftover foods I have saved throughout the previous week.

You'll need whatever leftover vegetables you have, I usually save them in a bag in my freezer and use that. Add the vegetables to a stock pot and cover with water. The key ingredients i highly recommend you use are a potato and an onion - these are the staples of the broth and give it a salty and creamy taste. Other than those two, you can add whatever vegetables you have, I've used lettuce, cucumber, radish, radish tops, carrot tops - whatever you have lying around you throw it into a pot.

Cover the vegetables with water and bring it to a boil. Let it simmer for at least two hours. Then strain it. Make sure those veggies go into then compost! I keep the broth in the pot on the stove for a couple days. I warm it up when I want to have a cup - I usually drink it straight or add it to recipes. But I drink this broth all day long! 

Another secret ingredient if you have it is the end of your parmesan cheese. 



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