4 Ways to Wear White this Summer

May 24th has passed, so now we can all officially wear white until Labour Day! Personally, I believe you can wear white all year round. White is a classic colour that works well with everything and there are so many shades to work with!! If bright white is not your thing, there are stunning cream colours that are versatile closet staples. Below are a few ways I love to wear white with white I have in my wardrobe!


Summer Dresses

A product rather than a styling tip, summer dresses are a great way to wear white! They are light and breathable, and easy to throw on over a swimsuit or for a casual patio dinner. A super versatile summer piece that can be worn anywhere, in different lengths and material options.

Cotton or Linen dresses are best for those sweltering days as they are light and comfortable against the skin.


Textured Accessories

A great way I like to style white pieces is to pair them with rustic pieces such as woven bags. The natural texture and beige colour beautifully complement the white and are a great way to create an interesting focal point in the outfit.

For this outfit with my black woven visor and tote bag, I was really inspired by what i would wear to a beach! All of textures bring the outfit together and make it look comfy and ready for the summer weather. 

Tip: Tie your button up shirts at the bottom! This helps add a unique touch to basic shirts we all have in our closets, and creates a beautiful shape when paired with wide leg pants.  


Flowy Skirts and Structured Blazers

This styling tip can be applied to many outfits beyond just wearing white, but mixing different silhouettes is a great way to create a dynamic and fun outfit. The light qualities of a ruched skirt are a great contrast to the stiff structure of a blazer. 

Mixing different shades of white 

A great way to style an all-white outfit is to embrace all the different shades of white! No two pieces come in the exact same shade unless bought in a set, but it can look great to pair a cream white with a neutral or blue-toned white. This can make more dimension to the outfit and is more realistic to wear day-to-day. Paired with a statement bag or textured accessories brings attention away from the difference between the different white tones, making it seem intentional and chic.

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