Zero Waste Holiday Table Decor

 I love to play hostess during the holiday season and nothing makes the home feel festive and ready for guests than a little seasonal décor. My go to tip for keeping it low waste? Go all natural!



For my holiday table this year I’m decorating with fresh greenery, something you can pick up the local farmers market, or a tree farm while you're out shopping for that perfect tree.



I like to mix different greens for a range of colour and textures; this year I’m using pine, fern, and eucalyptus. I’ve added a handful of pinecones I found in the backyard (gotta love a country yard with those old trees!), and some dried citrus slices for a bit of colour, and some walnuts to tie in with these wooden serving platters. Add finger foods like popcorn, nuts, and fruits the day of-- great for extra colour and textures, and for grazing!



What’s great about a setting like this is that everything is compostable! And every year, you can customize it to work with your tree, linens, themes. The possibilities are endless!


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