5 Things I Learned in Whistler, B.C

My husband and I just had our 20th wedding anniversary - not sure how that happened! To celebrate we took off for a 4-day ski trip to Whistler, BC.  Almost every year around our anniversary we get away for a long weekend, just the two of us.  



I actually recently found one of the old schedules I would leave with the small village of family and friends that would help make these get always possible.

There would be grandparents doing sleeping overs,  aunts and uncles doing kid activity drop off and pick-ups, friends helping out with dog walks-- it was crazy it would take me over a month to organize 3 kids and a dog, for our 3 day get away.

But you know what, we have done something almost every year-- we have been to  Nassau, to Vale,  to Buffalo, to Collingwood  (those were the hockey coaching years). – the point is we have always prioritized our anniversary and spending that time together. 

As much as I love a warm beach getaway – I think I prefer a ski getaway! I learned to ski in my 30’s – so it’s safe to say I am not winning any ski races anytime soon.  But as my husband says, what I lack skill I make up with in enthusiasm.

I love skiing – yes half the time I think I am going to die but the rare moments when the hill isn’t too steep, the snow isn’t too deep, and no one is around me – and I can ‘do my moves’ I tell ya it is heaven!  So, I thought I would give you my 5 things I learned while away in Whistler.


The Runs are Long

Yes, yes thet are.  So long!  You get off that gondola – and start heading down – I tell ya there isn’t a chairlift or bottom insight – I am not joking when I say it took us  ( when I say us, I mean me, ) over 30 minutes to ski to the ‘mid-point’  where thank god you can get in the gondola and go down if you want!!!  


Chase the Sun

The visibility can be rough up at the top –  You are in the clouds above the tree lines – it’ crazy! It’s like heaven – or 7th heaven! LOVE IT THERE -  but if you are lucky enough to have the sun shining while you are there – chase it!! It's too beautiful not to. Plan your runs based on sunlight…skiing is so much more fun when you can see where you are going  just saying!

Aprés Over Lunch

Now don’t get me wrong – no one loves a picnic ski lunch more than me – I spend Monday to Friday planning my Saturday ski day lunches – but when at whistler I would suggest pushing through and finishing the day a little earlier – and get a head start on the après!  Because believe you me – there is no wine for this girl while still on the hill- I’d never get down!  _ but if you can get a reservation at Christine’s for lunch – TAKE IT. And have a late lunch, then you can take the gondola down.   


Keep in the Same Timezone

I read that if you try to stay in the same time zone and not shift the 3 hours, you won’t suffer any kind of jet lag – so don’t fight it – get up early and go to bed early -  I do have to say, that I did hit a personal best for going to bed early – after the first day on the slopes I lay down at 5:30pm and woke up at 5:30am!  I blame my husband for that one – ‘oh Jules, you can’t take the gondola down, you gotta ski it out…..”   


You have to be so organized for any 3-day trip but a ski trip even more so! My advice is to check one bag with ski  equipment (which includes ski pants, jacket gloves) and then the rest in a carry on – YES you can do it – you don’t need as much as you think -  My husband believes you only need one pair of long johns – I am not sure I agree with that – but you do only need one pair of jeans!  Plan your sweaters and tops around those jeans.  You need one pair of boots – you wear your ski boots all day, then when you head out for dinner wear your boots – sorrels and all!  Honesty no one notices your footwear in the village – they only notice those gorgeous heels when you wipe out in them!  -just plan your outfit for each day before you leave – you don’t need options – decide and commit before you pack!  

And the bonus thing I learned while in whistler it is one of the most beautiful places on Earth and if you have the chance to get there DO IT  


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