Veganuary: Kale Chips

Every January, I try to pariticipate in Veganuary the best I can. The important thing to keep in mind is just to incorporate more plant-based foods into your diet. I want to share a favourite of mine - Kale Chips! 


I have always loved Kale Chips, but this Christmas I received an Air-Fryer! I wanted to test how to make kale chips quickly and easily. It was super difficult to find time to make these as everyone in my family has been hogging the Air-Fryer - they love it! I finally found time at 8 am this morning to prep and make simple kale chips. 


The ingredients are simple; Kale, Salt and Olive Oil. 

First, you need to wash and cut up the kale into bite sized pieces. My tip is to cut out the stem! I find that many kale chips that leave the stem in are tough to chew and bite into. This way, you get a perfectly flakey and leafy chip. 

Next, I place the kale into a bowl, and mix in a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of olive oil. 

Once they are mixed together, I placed them on the wire tray from the Air Fryer and leave them to cook for 10 minutes! 

Now you have Kale Chips to snack on throughout the day! 

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