Never will i buy new... statement shoes

One of my favourite aisles at the thrift store is the shoe section. It's what I'm most excited to check out on my weekly thrift trips, from chunky combat boots to colourful heels - they're always so unique.

Finding the perfect pair of shoes; in the right size, good condition, the right style for a great price is seriously a thrifters home run! Plus, saving a pair of amazing shoes from the landfill is just the cherry on top. I like to keep the price tag on the bottom of the shoe to remember what I paid. It's like a little reward! 

These boots were made for walking, where have they walked? One's trash is someone elses' treasure, finding a unique pair of vintage shoes you can't even find in a store brand new makes me feel connected to them - and they have their own life lived and so much more character. 

The amazing thing about buying shoes second-hand is sometimes they're brand new! Maybe the size or colour wasn't right for their last home. Sometimes you luck on the prefect pair of brand new white sneakers. 

And of course, sometimes you come across the best pair of heels - that have been well loved! (Be sure to check the sole on the bottom of the heel to see truly how much walking they've done!) Because nothing is worth giving up on if it can be brought back to life at the cobbler!

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