Carrot Top Pesto

Do you ever buy a bunch of carrots and end up with a whole handful of gorgeous green carrot tops begging not to be thrown in the compost? A great alternative that's been really popular is saving them in the freezer for a veggie stock. But I found an even better option that will transform those carrot tops into a pesto!

This recipe is so easy, you can adjust it to however you like your pesto - you don't even have to measure. And the best part is, we are going to do this recipe dairy-free, and gluten-free!


1 bunch, carrot tops
1/2 lemon
1 tbsp, red miso
2-3 cloves, garlic
2 tbsp, nutritional yeast
1 glug, olive oil

First things first, grab those carrot tops - cut the carrots off if you haven't already. (Even better if they're organic!) Give them a really REALLY good rinse, trust me! 

Throw them in your blender and add your miso, garlic, couple squishes of lemon, nutritional yeast and olive oil. If you don't have miso or you're out of nutritional yeast, you can add some nuts too! But this recipe as is - is a great nut free option. 

Blitz it all up, if you're having a bit of trouble feel free to add some more olive oil to help your blender out a bit.

Get your warm pasta ready (I use my favourite gluten free Fusilli) and mix it in with your pesto. So good!

This recipe is just so easy and you can store the leftover pesto in a jar just like any regular pesto. Definitely never composting those carrots tops again! 

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