5 Things I Have Learned In Lockdown

Back in lockdown once again, my mindset around how to have a successful and healthy lockdown has changed. Below are a few things I have learned to maintain mental and physical health while staying indoors and working from home. 


It is so important to move around. Whether it is in between meetings or a movie binge, moving is great to maintain physical health. I have started working out every morning before starting my day - it is such a mood booster! I find that I have so much energy to complete my work for the day and I just feel more present and awake. You have probably heard it so many times before, but there are truly great benefits, both physical and mental, for getting in at least 20 minutes of some movement a day.


Getting dressed and out of pjs, even if it's into a new set of pjs, helps to get started and ready for the day. For many, Lockdown this time around is not a vacation - many of us are working from home. While working from home has its benefits, it can be difficult to transition between home life and work life. Getting dressed seems so simple, but it really helps you prepare to be productive and break the lounging habits. 


Showering is essential to feeling refreshed. Staying inside all day, especially during the winter can make people feel sluggish and tired. A nice shower is a great way to wake yourself up and feel refreshed. 


As I briefly mentioned, it's important not to view this lockdown as a vacation. Many workplaces are used to the transition to online and expect work and meetings to resume virtually. To ensure that you can relax alongside work, remember that it is not a vacation - you day requires some type of schedule.


I don’t know many families with teenagers that haven't struggled to boost the mood during lockdowns when everyone is locked in together 24 hrs a day. Theme nights, such as movie nights, italian dinner - great to create excitement. 

It is so important to foster a good balance. While work can be stressful, constant lounging is not good to maintain mental health. Balance is so important, and creating a schedule for productive days and some exciting activities to look forward to are key!

BONUS: Everyone gets one cup, one plate - they use too many and I do not want to run my dishwasher every other day! 

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