Benign Neglect
Childhood is complex and mysterious. By examining the daily recreational activities and relationship between my two boys, I am trying to make sense of the unknown. All images are chromogenic prints.

This body of work originates in self-created ritual. These rituals often depict an invasion  of the body and landscape.  Natural elements work in conflict with the body to highlight the tenuous nature of both. All images are chromogenic prints.

ad•junct :  something joined or added to another thing but essentially not a part of it

This is a series of photographs that examine the nature of adjunct teaching. The classroom spaces often mimic the multi-purpose and transient nature of adjunct work. You enter a space designed as a learning environment; there are traces of information within the space but never a sense of permanence or history. Wildly disparate entities come together briefly, always reminding you of your impermanence. All images are silver gelatin prints.